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Open Match, Woodside Pool

Thirteen (13) anglers attended this latest Saturday open match on the Woodside pool.

Winner on the day was Ben Sutor from peg 3 on the point of the island. Ben started his match long over to the island but after a slower than expected start, Ben changed tact and targeted cruising fish up in the water with pellet for the most part of the match. A brief look down his edge late on with maggot produced a few bonus fish to give Ben a final winning weight of 92-01-00.

Second place was awarded to Chris Hall from peg 13. Fishing shallow with 6mm pellet on the pole, Chris found mainly carp up to 8lb to weigh in 70-04-00.

Taking the last of the mainframe finishes was Andy Rowbottom. Opting to fish micro pellet over to the island from peg 5, Andy found carp to 8lb to offer a final 38-04-00 to the scales to finish narrowly ahead of fourth placed Vinny Varden.

1st B. Sutor, Peg 3, 92-01-00, Pole & pellet shallow / margins

2nd C. Hall, Peg 13, 70-04-00, Pole & pellet shallow

3rd A. Rowbottom, Peg 5, 38-04-00, Pole & pellet to the island


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