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Open Match, Woodside Pool

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Four (4) anglers attended this Saturday open match on Woodside pool. Conditions on the day started off wet with light but persistent rain making for a miserable start to the day. However, the rain quickly stopped but the sun failed to burn through the clouds so things ended up feeling quite muggy and close.

Winner on the day was Allan Cox who drew peg 9 close to the island. Allan started his match fishing pellet short and started well with decent-sized carp coming to the net straight away. However, his short line switched off very quickly with only skimmers coming from it less than half an hour in. Allan switched to paste and found the carp again before switching to his edge late on, still with paste, to end the match with a winning 86-02-00.

Second place was taken by Stan Taylor on peg 3. Starting his match fishing the pellet waggler over to the island, Stan was able to keep a steady number of decent carp coming to the net before switching to his edge late on to boost his catch with some chunky bonus fish. Stan offered 72-14-00 to the scales.

Dave Male completed the mainframe on the day although a little off the pace. Dave drew peg 17 on the dam wall and started his match on a feeder over to the island to find a handful of carp. However, once Dave had lost the fish on his feeder line, he struggled to find many more fish mid-match before finishing strongly late on catching carp up in the water on his short line. Dave ended the day weighing in 37-09-00.

1st A. Cox, Peg 9, 86-02-00, Pole & pellet / Paste in the margins

2nd S. Taylor, Peg 3, 72-14-00, Pellet waggler / Pellet in the margins

3rd D. Male, Peg 17, 37-09-00, Feeder / Pole & pellet shallow


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