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Parkes Hall AC, Woodside Pool

Eight (8) anglers from Parkes Hall attended our first club match of 2020 held on Woodside pool.

Winner on the day was Craig Jeavons, who drew corner peg 7 next to the pads. Opting to fish hard 6mm pellet down his edge for most of the match Craig found carp in numbers up to 8lbs to tip the scales at 172-11-00.

Second place was taken by Paul Bowdley from peg 3. Opting to fish pole and pellet down his edge, Paul ended the match with 87-02-00.

Third placed Aidan Watkins weighed in 80-14-00. Fishing dead maggot down his edge, Aidan caught small carp steadily for the duration of the match to sneak inside the mainframe.

Just missing out on a top three finish was Lewis Worton. Lewis drew peg 12 and opted to fish 8mm pellet down his edge to find carp to 9lb and weigh in 76-13-00.

1st Craig Jeavons, Peg 7, 172-11-00, Pole & pellet

2nd Paul Bowdley, Peg 3, 87-02-00, Pole & pellet

3rd Aidan Watkins, Peg 21, 80-14-00, Maggot in the margins


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