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Pearl Lake AC, Woodside Pool

Nine (9) anglers from Pearl Lake AC attended this Saturday club match on Woodside pool. Conditions on the day were pretty much unbearable with red hot temperatures and sun beating down for the full five hours. Fishing on the day was, understandably, difficult.

Winner on the day, and making is two out of two at Woodside, was Steve Peploe. Steve drew peg 22 and opted to fish a small method feeder down his inside to find some quality fish and weigh in 44-12-00.

Finishing close behind in second place was Dave Hobbis from peg 7 by the pads. Starting off on a soft 6mm pellet over to the pads Dave caught a handful of small carp before coming down his edge late on, again with soft hook pellet, to find a few more better quality fish. Dave ended the match with 42-08-00.

Alan Williams secured third place from peg 10 on the point of the island. Fishing most of his match on the pellet waggler Alan was able to find odd carp patrolling the island before looking down his margins for the final half of the match. Alan caught mainly carp to offer 34-04-00 to the scales.

1st S. Peploe, Peg 22, 44-12-00, Method feeder in the margins

2nd D. Hobbis, Peg 7, 42-08-00, Pole & pellet

3rd A. Williams, Peg 10, 34-04-00, Pellet waggler / Pellet in the margins


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