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Rhea Hall AC, Woodside Pool

A small turnout of just ten (10) anglers from Rhea Hall attended this Saturday club match on Woodside pool. With temperatures now starting to drop off a little - especially first thing in a morning - the resident carp are now featuring less in angler's nets making way for quality silverfish instead.

Finishing in first place on the day was Dave Tomes from peg 21. Opting to fish 6mm banded hard pellet down his edge from the off, Dave was into quality fish early on to end with 43-04-00 at the end of four hours.

Finishing just 2oz shy of Dave's winning weight was Dave Male from peg 3. Dave also opted to present 6mm banded hard pellet on the hook to catch carp, roach and skimmer bream to weigh in 43-02-00.

Third place on the day was Ron Key from peg 10 on the opposite point of the island. A peg normally noted for its carp, Ron went all out for the silver fish with maggot to weigh in 18-05-00 of roach, rudd and skimmer bream plus three carp.

1st Dave Tomes, Peg 21, 43-04-00, Pellet in the margins

2nd Dave Male, Peg 3, 43-02-00, Pole & pellet

3rd Ron Key, Peg 10, 18-05-00, Pole & maggot


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