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The Black Boy AC, Woodside Pool

Updated: May 6, 2019

Sunday 5th May saw the Black Boy attend this latest club match on Woodside pool. Conditions on the day were quite cool for the time of year with plenty of cloud cover.

Winner on the day was Allistair Cox, who drew peg 11. Starting his match fishing shallow with maggot, Allistair was able to find silvers in numbers before switching to his edge to find carp to 10lb on maggot fished over groundbait. Come the end of the five hours, Allistair offered 68-10-00 to the scales to win by a comfortable margin.

Second place was taken by Bill Phillips, who drew peg 8. Opting to fish the pellet feeder with banded pellet on the hook, Bill found mainly carp to 6lb to finish the day with 47-09-00.

Third place on the day went to Chris Royce from peg 4. Again, opting to fish the pellet feeder, Chris was able to find carp to around 7lb for a final weight of 39-02-00.

1st Allistair Cox, Peg 11, 68-10-00, Pole & maggot / Maggot in the margins

2nd Bill Phillips, Peg 8, 47-09-00, Pellet feeder

3rd Chris Royce, Peg 4, 39-02-00, Pellet feeder


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