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The Black Boy AC, Woodside Pool

A decent turn-out for The Black Boy AC for this first club match of 2023 saw twelve (12) anglers pegged on Woodside pool. Conditions on the day started off a little cooler with a heavy due on the grass first thing. However, this soon lifted and periods of bright sunshine parted the cloud cover.

Winner on the day was Bill Phillips, who drew peg 3. Sticking to his trusty pellet feeder approach, Bill had to wait a good while for his first bite, but eventually found a handful of small-ish carp willing to feed to weigh in 29-01-00.

Finishing close behind in second place was Dennis Clarke on peg 19. Dennis found most of his fish down his edge to pellet and corn to weigh in 28-04-00 of carp.

Third placed Kevin Beard weighed in 25-09-00 of mainly carp as well as roach and rudd on corn fished down his edge.

1st B. Phillips, Peg 3, 29-01-00, Pellet feeder

2nd D. Clarke, Peg 19, 28-04-00, Corn & pellet in the margins

3rd K. Beard, Peg 16, 25-09-00, Corn in the margins


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