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Tight Lines AC, Woodside Pool

Eight (8) anglers from Tight Lines attended this Sunday club match on Woodside pool. Conditions on the day were a bit of a mixed bag starting off with plenty of sunshine before heavy downpours moved in towards the end of the match.

Winner on the day was Chris Ralphs, who drew peg 1. Fishing both maggot and banded pellet hook baits short and then, later down his edge, Chris found some quality fish to weigh in 77-08-00 at the end of the five hours.

Second place was taken from peg 17 on the dam wall by Dave Greybanks. Opting to fish paste down his edge, Dave weighed in 53-08-00 of mainly carp.

Third place on the day was Tony Dyson from peg 5. Starting his match fishing over to the island, Tony managed to keep a steady run of carp coming to the net before switching to his edges late on with corn and pellet. Tony weighed in 41-11-00.

1st C. Ralphs, Peg 1, 77-08-00, Maggot & banded pellet short / in the margins

2nd D. Greybanks, Peg 17, 53-08-00, Paste in the margins

3rd T. Dyson, Peg 5, 41-11-00, Corn to the island / Corn & pellet in the margins


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