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TREK AC, Woodside & Island Pools

Seventeen (17) anglers from TREK AC lined the banks of both Woodside and Island pools for this latest club match.

Woodside pool

Woodside fished unusually below par with Scott Sprigg's 40-00-00 from peg 13 being enough to top the field on the day. Fishing dead maggot down his edge, Scott found mainly carp to top what was a fairly muted affair on the Woodside pool.

Finishing in second place was Dave Horton from peg 16. Dave was able to find odd carp by alternating between float, paste and margin tactics to weigh in 27-12-00.

Third place on the day on Woodside pool was Mick Carlow. Mick drew peg 15 and fished dead red maggot short and down his edge to offer 25-08-00 to the scales.

1st Scott Sprigg, Peg 13, 40-00-00, Dead maggot in the margins

2nd Dave Horton, Peg 16, 27-12-00, Waggler / Paste & dead maggot in the margins

3rd Mick Carlow, Peg 15, 25-08-00, Dead maggot short & in the margins

Island pool

It was a completely different story on the Island pool with considerably better weights across the board.

Winner on the day was Steve Deeley from peg 19. Opting to fish paste down his edge, Steve found carp in numbers to 7lb for a final weight of 82-08-00 and finish comfortably in front of the rest of the field.

Second place was taken by Mark Reeves from peg 14. Fishing the pole feeder tight to the island with banded 6mm pellet, Mark found small carp to weigh in 52-04-00.

Third place was shared between Tony Johnstone and Paul Davis with each weighing in 47-12-00. Tony caught from peg 26 with corn and pellet on the feeder with the majority of Paul's catch coming to corn and pellet down his edge from peg 12.

1st Steve Deeley, Peg 19, 82-08-00, Paste in the margins

2nd Mark Reeves, Peg 14, 52-04-00, Pole feeder with pellet

= 3rd Tony Johnstone, Peg 26, 47-12-00, Feeder

= 3rd Paul Davis, Peg 12, 47-12-00, Corn & pellet down the edge


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