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Waters Edge AC, Island Pool

Sixteen (16) anglers from Waters Edge AC attended this Sunday club match on Island pool. The water has enjoyed some great form of late but, given the number of anglers pegged on the pool on this occasion, it wasn't to be with the resident carp shutting up shop and not showing very little willingness to feed.

Winner on a tough day was Ken Sheriff from peg 7. Fishing corn over fishery pellet down his edge, Ken found odd carp to offer 33-09-00 to the scales to secure a narrow victory.

Second place was Roy Costello on peg 12. Fishing corn down his edge accounted for 32-02-00 of carp.

Third place on the day was Chris Schuck. Chris started his match on the feeder over to the island from peg 1 with pellet before switching to corn late on down his edge to weigh in 28-05-00.

1st K. Sheriff, Peg 7, 33-09-00, Corn over pellet down his edge

2nd R. Costello, Peg 12, 32-02-00, Corn down the edge

3rd C. Schuck, Peg 1, 28-05-00, Feeder to the island / corn down his edge


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