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White Hall AC, Woodside & Island Pools

Twenty one (21) anglers from White Hall AC lined the banks of both main match lakes for this Saturday club match - the club's first here at Woodside.

Woodside Pool

Woodside pool was won by Dan Sydall from permanent peg 3 on the gravel bank. Fishing a method feeder over to the island, Dan found mainly carp as well as some quality roach to offer a final 28-00-00 to the scales.

Andrew Fletcher finished in second place from neighbouring peg 5. Again, like Dan, Andrew found most of his fish on the method feeder with maggot hook bait to weigh in 19-06-00 of carp and silvers.

Third place on the day from Woodside pool was Dave Mason on peg 17. Again, method feeder with pellet on the hook did most of the damage for Dave with him ending the day with 15-10-00 of small carp.

1st D. Sydall, Peg 3, 28-00-00, Method feeder

2nd A. Fletcher, Peg 5, 19-06-00, Method feeder

3rd D. Mason, Peg 17, 15-10-00, Method feeder

Island Pool

Finishing top of the pack on Island pool was Alan Williams, who drew peg 19 just through the gate. Alternating between both pole and method feeder tactics with pellet and maggot, Alan found mainly carp with a smattering of roach, rudd and skimmers to offer 39-11-00 to the scales.

Second place was awarded to Richard Olive on peg 13. Fishing long pole and pellet for the majority of the match, Richard found carp and skimmers to weigh in 32-01-00.

Rounding off the top three on Woodside pool was John Shelton, who drew peg 18. Opting to fish the short pole with maggot for most of the match, John found mainly small carp as well as some quality roach and odd skimmer bream to finish with 25-01-00.

1st A. Williams, Peg 19, 39-11-00, Pole & pellet / maggot & method feeder

2nd R. Olive, Peg 13, 32-01-00, Pole & pellet

3rd J. Shelton, Peg 18, 25-01-00, Pole & maggot


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