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Farringdon AC, Woodside Pool

Conditions were a marked improvement over Saturday's Spring Open event for the nine anglers from Farringdon AC that attended this latest club match on Woodside pool.

Topping the field was Gary Harris, who drew peg 2. Fishing bomb and pellet with a 6mm expander on the hook, Gary ended the day with 37-02-00 to confirm a narrow victory.

Second place was taken by Lee Bacciochi from neighbouring peg 5 in the channel close to the island. Offering corn and dead red maggots tight to the far side marginal cover, Lee found odd small carp patrolling the island to weigh in 36-06-00.

Mick Stokes finished in third place from peg 9 close to the opposite point of the island. Mick caught most of his fish from down his edge with dead red maggots to offer 28-03-00 to the scales at the end of the five hours.

1st Gary Harris, Peg 2, 37-02-00, Bomb & pellet

2nd Lee Bacciochi, Peg 5, 36-06-00, Corn & maggot to the island

3rd Mick Stokes, Peg 9, 28-03-00, Dead maggot in the margins


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