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Metal Closures, Island Pool

Ten anglers from Metal Closures AC fished this Sunday club match on the Island pool.

Leaving the rest of the field for dead and confirming a very comfortable win was Dave Whitehouse from peg 13. Starting his match fishing corn short at top 4, Dave caught well before moving to his margins late on for some bonus edge fish on red meat to weigh in a superb 83-12-00.

M. Davis finished in second place from favoured peg 26. However, it wasn't to be with 6mm pellet offered down his inside tempting a modest 38-00-00 of small carp.

Kim Hunter took 31-00-00 of carp from peg 15 on red meat fished in the margins.

1st Dave Whitehouse, Peg 13, 83-12-00, Pole & corn short / red meat in the margins

2nd M. Davis, Peg 26, 38-00-00, Pellet in the margins

3rd Kim Hunter, Peg 15, 31-00-00


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