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CARRS AC, Island Pool

A small turnout of just nine (9) anglers attended this Sunday open match on the Island pool. Conditions on the day saw a continuation of the warm weather, which definitely impacted the fishing with carp beginning to pair up ready to spawn in the coming days - NOTE: fish were NOT spawning. Most anglers struggled for the majority of the day, but some fish were caught late on from down the edges.

Winner on the day was Graham Nelson, who drew peg 1. Offering an 8mm banded pellet up in the water, Graham found some good quality fish to weigh in 39-07-00.

Finishing close behind in second place was Steve Nash, who drew peg 15. Fishing a small method feeder over to the island, Steve was able to pick up odd fish patrolling the far margin before a look down his inside edge late on produced some better quality fish. Steve ended the day with 38-04-00.

Rounding off a close top three was Rob Smith from peg 12. Fishing a method feeder tight to the island, Rob caught mostly carp with the exception of a couple of skimmers to weigh in 35-12-00.

1st G. Nelson, Peg 1, 39-07-00, Pole & pellet shallow

2nd S. Nash, Peg 15, 38-04-00, Method feeder to the island & pellet in the margins

3rd R. Smith, Peg 12, 35-12-00, Method feeder to the island


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