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Metal Closures AC, Island Pool

Ten (10) anglers from Metal Closures fished the Island pool on this latest Sunday club match. Conditions on the day were relatively pleasant with plenty of sun coupled with a moderate breeze making for a good days sport for most.

First place on the day was Geoff Walton, who drew peg 26. Opting to fish corn on the near-side shelf on the bomb, Geoff found carp in numbers up to around 6lbs to finish with a match-winning 87-11-00.

Taking second place from peg 3 was Kim Hunter. Kim caught on corn and maggot hookbaits fished over casters short before switching to his left hand margin late on with red maggot. Kim found carp to 8lbs to end the match with 73-11-00.

Finishing a little way off the top two, but making his way into the mainframe, was Bob Bennett. Bob drew peg 27 and caught on corn and pellet down his edge taking carp to around 7lbs to finish with 44-11-00.

1st Geoff Walton, Peg 27, 87-11-00, Corn on the bomb

2nd Kim Hunter, Peg 3, 73-11-00, Pole & corn / maggot short & in the margins

3rd Bob Bennett, Peg 26, 44-11-00, Pole & corn / pellet in the margins


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