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Metal Closures AC, Woodside Pool

Twelve (12) anglers from Metal Closures AC attended this latest club match held on Woodside Pool.

Winner on the day was Karl Hunter, who drew in-form peg 11. Offering white corn over fishery micro pellets, Karl found mainly carp of a good average stamp to weigh in a match-winning 66-01-00.

Finishing close behind in second place was Bob Bennett from permanent peg 14. Bob caught mainly carp on dead red maggot and paste short and down his edge to offer 56-00-00 to the scales.

Completing a better top three than in recent weeks was Fred Westwood from peg 10. Fishing banded 6mm pellet short and down his inside, Fred found carp in numbers, but were a slightly smaller average stamp to weigh in 47-10-00.

1st K. Hunter, Peg 11, 66-01-00, Corn short and down his edge

2nd B. Bennett, Peg 14, 56-00-00, Dead maggot & paste short and down his edge

3rd F. Westwood, Peg 10, 47-10-00, Pole & pellet short & down his edge


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