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Model AC, Island Pool

A fairly modest turnout saw eight (8) anglers from Model AC attend this Sunday contest on the Island pool. The resident carp had began spawning the day before the match and, upon anglers arriving for the draw on the morning of the match, the fish had already started spawning again for the second day in a row. As such, anglers were not permitted to fish their edges, including the far side margins on the island, with a minimum two metre from the bank ruling in place to protect the welfare of fish stocks. Obviously, these restrictions are not ideal for anyone and anglers efforts were hampered as a result. However, fish welfare is our top priority here at Woodside and we all must do what we can to ensure the health and safety of the fish during what can be a tricky time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participating anglers for respecting the temporary restrictions in place on the day of the match.

Winner on a difficult day for most was Gavin Powell, who drew peg 14. Not normally an area associated with producing match winning weights, Gavin found some good quality fish in numbers on caster shallow and, later, on the method feeder with pellet to weigh in a pretty respectable 58-14-00 for a comfortable victory.

Second place was taken by Lee Caffrey from peg 15 on the point of the island. With spawning fish directly infront of him on the island, Lee managed to find carp short away from his far side edge on both worm and dead red maggot to weigh in 33-08-00.

Rounding off the top three on the day was Dave Dearn, who drew peg 2. Offering maggot on the feeder long to his left and then later offering pellet short, Dave was able to find a good number of small carp to put 32-13-00 on the scales.

1st G. Powell, Peg 14, 58-14-00, Caster shallow & method feeder

2nd L. Caffrey, Peg 15, 33-08-00, Worm & dead red maggot short

3rd D. Dearn, Peg 2, 32-13-00, Maggot feeder & pellet short


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