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Moore Lane AC, Woodside Pool

Seven (7) anglers from new club Moore Lane AC lined the banks of Woodside pool for their first club match here.

Winner on the day was Dave Jones, who drew peg 1. Not an area normally noted for its match-winning form, Dave opted for an all out pole attack alternating between pellet and maggot hookbaits to find some quality fish and end the match with 48-13-00.

Second place on the day went to Mark Newman from peg 6. Fishing corn down his right hand edge, Mark found a pocket of fish willing to get their heads down to weigh in 42-12-00 of small stockies.

Third placed Alan Hatley ended the day with 41-14-00 from neighbouring peg 5. Alan started his match fishing maggot down the track halfway across to the island to find quality silvers before switching to his edge late on with corn to find some better stamp fish.

1st D. Jones, Peg 1, 48-13-00, Pellet & maggot short

2nd M. Newman, Peg 6, 42-12-00, Corn in the margins

3rd A. Hatley, Peg 5, 41-14-00, Maggot short & corn in the margins


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