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Parkes Hall AC, Woodside Pool

Eight (8) anglers from Parkes Hall attended this Sunday club match on the in-form Woodside pool. Conditions on the day were quite warm with plenty of sunshine. The carp were spawning when anglers first arrived, so it was a bit of an unknown as to how the fishing would pan out.

Winner on the day was Craig Jeavons on peg 8. Starting the match fishing corn and pellet long over to the island on the pole, Craig found a decent number of fish before switching to his edge late on with maggot to find some quality bonus fish to boost his overall weight. Craig weighed in 111-13-00 to win by a comfortable margin.

Taking second place on the day was Jamie Trevis from peg 3. Jamie caught the majority of his fish from down his right hand edge on maggot to offer 67-13-00 to the scales at the end of the five hours.

Third place on the day was Paul Worwood, who drew peg 6. Starting his match on the pole short with 6mm banded hard pellet whilst feeding corn over the top, Paul found roach and skimmer bream in numbers before a change to his margins with pellet produced some carp late on. Paul finished the day with 23-03-00.

1st Craig Jeavons, Peg 8, 111-13-00, Corn & pellet on the pole / Maggot in the margins

2nd Jamie Trevis, Peg 3, 67-13-00, Maggot in the margins

3rd Paul Worwood, Peg 6, 23-03-00, Pole & pellet / Pellet in the margins


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