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Rhea Hall AC, Woodside Pool

Twelve (12) anglers attended this Saturday club match for Rhea Hall AC on Woodside pool. Conditions on the day started off wet but brightened up in the afternoon with extended periods of sun in between the clouds.

Winner on the day was Steve Walsh on peg 11. Opting to fish worm short and later down his edge, Steve offered 18-01-00 to the scales.

Second place was awarded to Rob Male, who drew peg 1. Opting to fish maggot down his edge for most of the match, Rob found odd carp and small silvers to weigh in 17-05-00.

Mick Schofield rounded off an extremely reserved top three finish from peg 7 with 15-06-00 of small carp. Mick caught on white pellet and paste down his edge.

1st S. Walsh, Peg 11, 18-01-00, Worm short / Worm in the margins

2nd R. Male, Peg 1, 17-05-00, Maggot in the margins

3rd M. Schofield, Peg 7, 15-06-00, Pellet & paste in the margins


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