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TREC AC, Woodside & Island Pools

Twenty one (21) anglers from TREC AC attended this Sunday club match held over both Woodside and Island pools. The days leading up to the match had seen torrential rainfall, which appeared to have an impact on anglers weights. That said, it was still a close contest overall with very little separating mainframe positions on both pools.


Winner on the day was Rob Sandall, who drew peg 5 close to the island. Alternating between paste and corn hookbaits presented over fishery micro pellet, Rob found mainly carp down his edge to offer 40-06-00 to the scales.

Second place was taken by Jack Slater from peg 3. Again, Jack found most of his fish on paste to weigh in 36-11-00.

Third place on Woodside pool was Steve Hilton, who drew peg 12. Opting for a different approach, Steve chopped and changed hookbaits and depths for most of the match to weigh in a hard earned 31-03-00.

1st R. Sandall, Peg 5, 40-06-00, Paste & corn in the margins

2nd J. Slater, Peg 3, 36-11-00, Paste in the margins

3rd S. Hilton, Peg 12, 31-03-00, Shallow

Rob Sandall secured overall victory on Woodside pool with 40-06-00


Winner on the Island pool was Chris Hall from unfancied peg 6 centre of the dam wall. Fishing dead red maggot down his edge, Chris was able to find smaller stamp carp in numbers to weigh in a winning 40-08-00.

Second placed Scott Sprigg ended the match with 37-11-00 from peg 12 round the back of the island. Alternating between paste and dead red maggot hookbaits, Scott was able to get a relatively steady flow of fish coming to the net to finish narrowly ahead of third placed Terry Finn.

Terry fished pellet and dead red maggot down his edge from peg 16 to offer 36-07-00 to the scales.

1st C. Hall, Peg 6, 40-08-00, Dead maggot in the margins

2nd S. Sprigg, Peg 12, 37-11-00, Paste & dead maggot in the margins

3rd T. Finn, Peg 16, 36-07-00, Pellet & dead maggot in the margins

Island pool winner Chris Hall with his 40-08-00 effort


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