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TREK AC, Woodside & Island Pools

Updated: May 11, 2022

Twenty four (24) anglers were pegged across Woodside & Island pools for this latest TREK AC match here at Woodside. Conditions on the day were pretty hot with bright sunshine and minimal cloud cover resulting in a lot of cruising fish.


Winner on the day was Chris Tomes, who drew peg 3 on the point of the island. Fishing a pellet waggler for most of the match, Chris was able to pick off cruising fish before a look down his edges late on produced only a handful of fish. Chris ended the match with 37-15-00.

Second place was taken by Rob Sandall who drew on the opposite point of the island on peg 10. Concentrating on just a short line for most of the match with casters, Rob found a mixture of carp and silvers before a look down his edge late on with maggot produced some better stamp fish to result in a final 30-01-00.

Third place on the day was Roger Tomes. Fishing from 9, Roger offered both pellet and paste short to put 21-09-00 on the scales.

1st C. Tomes, Peg 3, 37-15-00, Pellet waggler

2nd R. Snadall, Peg 10, 30-01-00, Casters & dead maggot short & in the margins

3rd R. Tomes, Peg 9, 30-01-00, Pellet & paste short

Chris Tomes with part of his winning 37-15-00


Winner on the Island pool was Steve Hilton, who drew peg 12 opposite the central island. Fishing most of the match shallow on the pole over to the island, Steve found small carp in numbers patrolling the far shelf before a look down his edge late on with paste produced some better quality fish. Steve ended the day with 56-08-0.

Second place went to Dave Johnson on peg 10. Opting the fish the pellet waggler for most of the day, Dave weighed in an all-carp catch of 40-01-00.

Mick Carlow secured a third place finish from peg 11 with a 33-02-00 effort. Mick caught carp, roach, rudd and skimmer bream on dead maggot down his edge to complete the mainframe finish.

1st S. Hilton, Peg 12, 56-08-00, Pole & pellet shallow & paste in the margins

2nd D. Johnson, Peg 10, 40-01-00, Pellet waggler

3rd M. Carlow, Peg 11, 33-02-00, Dead maggot in the margins

Island pool winner Steve Hilton


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