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Woodside Spring Open

The Woodside Spring Open event continues to grow bigger and better each year with the 2015 event being no exception! The standard of fishing experienced by the twenty five competing anglers was excellent with very little separating the majority of the field. Back-up weights recorded were also good with mere ounces deciding section winners.

As with the 2014 event, prizes were awarded to the top three anglers on each lake with section winners also being rewarded for their efforts. Anglers fished over both Woodside and Island pools with twelve anglers on Woodside and fourteen on Island pool.

Woodside Pool Result:

Overall lake winner on Woodside pool was Maver's Rob Cooksey, who drew fancied peg 3 close to the point of the island. Rob fished a pellet waggler parallel to the island finding a large shoal of small carp that had seemingly been corralled up against the reed beds by the wind. Fishing 8mm and 6mm pellet, Rob enjoyed a fish a chuck for the duration of the match to offer a match-winning 138-01-00 to the scales. Rob did, at one point, have a look down his inside, but could not run the risk of ignoring feeding fish whilst waiting for his margins to come alive - especially with anglers catching well the other side of the island out of sight!

Rob Cooksey enjoyed a hectic days sport on the pellet waggler

One of those anglers catching well was Sam Parker (Stew Poney). Sam, who had never fished the venue before this fixture, drew peg 10 on the opposite point of the island and, despite a strong cross-wind, opted to fished long at 16m. Offering pellet on the deck tight to the island in just eighteen inches of water, Sam quickly found his feet and was into carp early in the match, managing to maintain a steady catch rate thanks to an impeccable display of long pole fishing. Later in the match, Sam switched to his margins with corn to find some better quality fish to end proceedings with 114-08-00. Not bad for a first time visit!

Sam Parker was quick out the traps despite it being his first time at the venue

Finishing in third place was Hasbury AC's John Morgan. John drew peg 4 at the opening of the channel close to the island and had not got much open water in front of him. Consequently, John decided to attack his margins early on and to good effect. Fishing pellet tight to his own bank, John found quality carp ending the match with 80-13-00.

Del Brownhill (J&P Tackle) finished close behind in fourth place from peg 13. Starting his match fishing pole and pellet shallow, Del was quickly into fish. Later, switching to corn short on the pole, Del was able to continue putting fish in the net before finishing down his edge, again on corn, during the final throws of the match to end the day with 80-00-00, to secure the section.

Del Brownhill caught up in the water early on

Fifth overall on Woodside pool was Neil Powell (Neil Powell Angling Coaching). Neil drew peg 8, the very peg that produced last year's winner in Danny Bache. Starting his match fishing pellet long at 14.5m over to the island, Neil found small carp, before later switching to corn short at 6m where he found the majority of his fish. Unfortunately for Neil, his edge fish failed to make an appearance despite his best efforts. At the end of the five hours, Neil recorded 73-12-00.

Island Pool Result:

Conditions on the day meant that the Island pool was a little tougher than Woodside pool with the wind making presentation on the pole very difficult for some despite the fish showing a willingness to feed.

Overall winner on Island pool was Martin Amphlett (Melbourne Coarse Anglers), who drew peg 14 on the point of the island. Fishing pellet long on the pole tight to the island, Martin found quality carp for most of the match, but had to ensure a relatively slow and anxious final hour with the fish seemingly having deserted him. Despite those around him finding fish from down their edges late on, Martin had made enough of his great start and middle of the match to hang on for the lake win with 84-11-00.

Martin enjoyed a great start to the match

Finishing in second place was Hasbury AC rod, and a former Spring Open winner, Eddie Rhodes. Eddie drew unfancied peg 23, which is an area that can prove extremely tough despite it's looks. Fishing to the next pellet along on his right at 13m with meat, Eddie found small carp to end his match weighing in 60-14-00 - a superb weight from a notoriously difficult swim.

Eddie managed to frame despite a difficult draw

Finishing close behind in third place was defending champion, Dan Bache (Maver). Dan found himself at the complete opposite end of the complex compared to the 2014 event drawing peg 9 on the dam wall. Facing strong winds head on, Dan was forced to fish much of his match short and down his left hand margin in an effort to find feeding fish. Dan had a steady match for the most part, but managed to put together a decent run of edge fish late on to finish the day with 52-11-00.

Scott Rhodes (Hasbury AC) secured fourth place from peg 13. Offering pellet on the deck short at 6m, Scott found a few stockies to begin with before switching to his margin late on with meat to boost his catch and offer 46-01-00 to the scales to deny Ian Giddins of a section win by just 3oz.

Despite a strong finish on the method feeder, Ian could not match the pace of the front runners

Garbolino's Ian Giddins finished in fifth place overall from peg 16. Ian started his match on the pole but struggled to put enough fish in the net on account of the wind making presentation almost impossible. Changing tact, Ian switched to a small method feeder and found quality carp to 12lbs just off the island in front of him to weigh in 45-14-00.​

We would like to say a big thank you to all the anglers that took part in this year's Spring Open event. The weather was kind, the fishing excellent and the banter superb! See you all again next year!


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