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Sealine AC, Woodside Pool

Eleven anglers from Sealine attended this Sunday club match on Woodside pool. Conditions on the day were typical for the time of year with cold temperatures and bright sunshine. Conditions over the previous night, however, were terrible with more strong winds and torrential rain.

Winner on the day was Terry Roper (snr), who drew peg 4. Fishing corn over to the island, Terry weighed in 41-13-00 to confirm a comfortable victory.

Finishing runner-up was Jamie Langford, who drew peg 18. Opting to fish pellet short at 8m for most of the match, Jamie found small carp and silverfish to end proceedings with 29-15-00.

Third place was taken by Dave Roberts on neighbouring peg 17. Again, fishing short at 8m but offering corn instead, Dave found small carp to weigh in 29-12-00.

1st Terry Rope (Snr), (peg 4), 41-13-00, Pole & corn to the island

2nd Jamie Langford, (peg 18), 29-15-00, Pole & pellet short

3rd Dave Roberts (peg 17), 29-12-00, Pole & corn short


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