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Rod & Gun, Island Pool

Freezing cold conditions greeted the twelve anglers from Rod & Gun for this Sunday club match on Island pool. A cold wind hampered best efforts but, that said, weights were still relatively good for so early in the season.

Winner on the day was Paul Biggs, who drew fancied peg 1. Opting to fish popped up bread on the bomb at approx. fifteen metres, Phil found mainly small carp to offer a match-winning 58-00-00 to the scales.

Taking runner-up position was Reno Stanno on peg 6. Fishing pole and pellet at 14.5m, Reno found carp with odd silverfish to weigh in 39-04-00.

Neil Hicks finished in third place from peg 26. Again, fishing popped up bread on the bomb, Neil managed 33-01-00 from a difficult winter peg.

Finally, in fourth place, was Mel Kitson. Mel drew peg 17 and offered sweetcorn on the bomb to end the day with 32-00-00.

1st Paul Biggs, (1), 58-00-00, Popped up bread

2nd Reno Stanno, (6), 39-04-00, Pole & pellet

3rd Neil Hicks, (26), 33-01-00, Popped up bread


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