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Chain Makers AC, Woodside Pool

Glorious Spring-like conditions welcomed the eleven anglers from Chainmakers AC for this Sunday contest on Woodside pool.

Topping the field overall was Chris Tandy. Starting his match fishing corn on the long pole, Chris found odd carp before a switch to his edge line late on with casters produced a number of small carp to pull the scales round to 45-08-00.

Jason Attwell finished in second place weighing in 36-06-00. Like Chris, Jason started his match fishing corn long at 14.5m before switching to his margins late on to find some late bonus edge fish.

Third place on the day went to Paul Stephenson. Opting to fish popped up bread on the bomb over to the island, Paul found small carp patrolling the shelf to offer 33-08-00 to the scales.

1st Chris Tandy, 45-08-00, Long pole & margins

2nd Jason Attwell, 36-06-00, Long pole & margins

3rd Paul Stephenson, 33-08-00, Popped up bread


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