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Saltmarsh AC, Island Pool

Bright and sunny conditions greeted the twelve anglers from Saltmarsh AC. Weights continue to be a little low given the time of year, but that said, a cold start with heavy snow showers were certainly a factor.

Finishing in first place on the day was Pete Martin. Despite conditions, Pete managed to find a few fish short to corn at just 3m to weigh in a level 35lbs at the end of the five hours.

Runner-up was Tony Davis. Again, catching short, Tony was able to find odd carp willing to have a feed on 6mm expander pellets at just 3m to weigh in 17-08-00.

Paul Brazier finished close behind in third place weighing in 16-08-00.

1st Pete Martin, 35-00-00, Pole & corn short

2nd Tony Davis, 17-08-00, Pole & pellet short

3rd Paul Brazier, 16-08-00


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