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Clampitts AC, Woodside Pool

A small turnout of just six anglers attended this Sunday club match on Woodside pool.

Finishing in first place was Scott Rhodes from in-form peg 3 on the point of the island. Catching the majority of his fish from down his margins on meat, Scott weighed in a final 70-01-00 to confirm his second victory in as many matches at Woodside.

Taking second place on the day was Eddie Rhodes, who drew peg 9. Starting his match fishing shallow on the pole, Eddie found small carp in numbers before looking to his margins with meat to take some late bonus lumps for a final weight of 62-06-00.

Dave Brown finished in third place from corner peg 6 with 36-00-00.

1st Scott Rhodes, Peg 3, 70-01-00, Meat in the margins

2nd Eddie Rhodes, Peg 9, 62-06-00, Pole shallow / meat in the margins

3rd Dave Brown, Peg 6, 36-00-00

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