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Diggers AC, Island Pool

A small turnout for this latest match on Island pool for Diggers AC.

Topping the field was Craig Marsh, who drew peg 16. Craig started his match fishing pole and pellet to depth at 13m to find odd fish. However, the going was tough, so Craig looked down his edge late on in the hope of finding some better quality fish. Despite the temperatures, Craig managed to find some better fish down his inside late on to red maggot to weigh in a final 24-04-00.

Runner-up was Phil Pearshall on peg 7 on the dam wall. Again, the fishing proved difficult for Phil long at 11m, so he switched to his inside late on with double red maggot to weigh in 22-14-00.

Third on the day was Dave Biggs from peg 2. Fishing maggot short at 9m on the pole, Dave weighed in 15-01-00 at the end of the five hours.

1st Craig Marsh, Peg 16, 24-04-00, Pole & pellet / maggot in the margins

2nd Phil Pearshall, Peg 7, 22-14-00, Pole & maggot long / maggot in the margins

3rd Dave Biggs, Peg 2, 15-01-00, Pole & maggot short

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