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Carrs AC, Island Pool

Eleven anglers from Carrs AC fished this Saturday club match on Island Pool. Fishing on the day was hard going on account of temperatures overnight dropping to 3 degrees and a cold wind blowing for most of the day.

Topping the field was Al Taylor on peg 12. Fishing flavoured meat and maggot, Al found mainly small carp with the odd better fish to weigh in 58lbs exactly.

Gerry Rush finished in second place from peg 20. Fshing the pole long for the duration of the match, Gerry caught odd carp on worm, pellet and bread to offer a hard earned 39-15-00.

Third place was taken by Graham Nelson, who drew peg 3 on the dam wall. Graham, like most, struggled for most of the match, but managed to find carp down his edge late on fishing red meat to weigh in 37-08-00.

1st Al Taylor, Peg 12, 58-00-00, Pole & meat / maggot

2nd Gerry Rush, Peg 20, 39-15-00, Pole & worm / pellet / bread

3rd Graham Nelson, Peg 3, 37-08-00, Meat in the margins


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