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Grapes AC, Woodside Pool

Fifteen (15) anglers from Grapes AC attended this Saturday match on Woodside pool. The carp had been spawning all week before the match so, as expected, weights were down on recent weeks.

Winner on the day with 58-11-00 was Lyndon Hawkins from peg 6. Fishing meat in the margins, Lyndon found some good quality fish to win by a narrow margin.

Finishing close behind in second place was Mat Morgan from peg 1. Alternating between meat and corn hook baits down his edge, Mat offered 58-10-00 to the scales at the end of the five hours.

Third on the day was taken by John Hickman, who drew peg 21. Again, John found most of his fish down the edge on dead red maggot to weigh in 58-08-00.

Fourth placed Roy Hicks ended the match with 44-00-00 from peg 4 fishing meat short at 8m.

1st Lyndon Hawkins, Peg 6, 58-11-00, Pellet Meat in the margins

2nd Mat Morgan, Peg 1, 58-10-00, Corn & meat in the margins

3rd John Hickman, Peg 21, 58-08-00, Dead maggot in the margins


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