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TREC AC, Island Pool

A good number of anglers on this latest Sunday club match saw anglers pegged across both Woodside and Island pools. Conditions on the day started off a little overcast with the promise of rain, but with the exception of a couple of heavy showers, the rain held off.

Winner on the day was Mick Carlow. Starting his match fishing 8mm banded pellet up in the water, Mick found odd carp cruising in the upper layers before switching to his margins late on with dead red maggots to weigh in 50-04-00.

Second place went to Lee Caffry. Fishing soft 6mm pellet down his edge for much of the match, Lee offered 26-08-00.

Paul Siniarski finished in third place with 24-08-00 fishing meat down his edge.

1st Mick Carlow, 50-04-00, Pellet & pellet / maggot in the margins

2nd Lee Caffry, 26-08-00, Pellet in the margins

3rd Paul Siniarski, 24-08-00, Meat in the margins


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