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New Willenhall AC, Woodside Pool

Fifteen (15) anglers from New Willenhall AC attended this Sunday club match on Island pool.

Winner on the day was Brian Biddle, who drew peg 11. Fishing bread long over to the island on the pole, Brian weighed in 62-00-00 of carp to win by a narrow margin.

Finishing in second place was Derek Biddle from neighbouring peg 14. Again, Derek opted to fish the long pole over to the island, but had to keep alternating hook baits to keep fish coming to the net. Derek caught 60-05-00 of carp on maggot, corn and pellet.

Roger Walters finished in third place weighing in 50-02-00 of carp all caught short on corn and pellet at just top four.

1st Brian Biddle, Peg 11, 62-00-00, Pole & bread

2nd Derek Biddle, Peg 14, 60-05-00, Pole & maggot / corn / pellet

3rd Roger Walters, 50-02-00, Pole & pellet / corn


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