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Brandhall Conservative AC, Woodside Pool

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Twelve (12) anglers lined the banks of Woodside pool for this latest Sunday club match. Conditions on the day were extremely hot with a good percentage of the field having to get up off their boxes and get out of the heat for a part of the match.

Winner on an extremely hot day was Lee McKnight, who drew peg 3. Starting his match fishing pellet up in the water over to the island, Lee got off to a quick start but the fish soon backed off before he could get into any sort of rythm. Switching to corn over fishery micro pellet down both his edges saw Lee catch steady for the remainder of the match to end proceedings with 74-05-00, which was enough to win the day and earn him a place in next March's Match Angler Of The Year final.

Second place was taken by Paul Newey, who drew peg 13. Opting to fish banded Robin Red hooker pellets over fishery micros and casters, Paul found a number of carp of all sizes to weigh in 56-14-00.

Third placed Aaron Warren finished the day with 31-11-00 from peg 10. Starting his match on the pellet feeder, Aaron found a handful of early fish before switching to his edges offering corn over fishery pellet to find some better stamp edge fish.

1st L. McKnight, Peg 3, 74-05-00, Pellet shallow & corn over micro pellets in the margins

2nd P. Newey, Peg 13, 56-14-00, Banded pellet over pellet and casters

3rd A. Warren, Peg 10, 31-11-00, Pellet feeder & corn over micro pellets in the margins


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