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Cookley Eagles AC, Woodside Pool

A large turnout saw nineteen (19) anglers attend this latest Sunday club match for Cookley Eagles. With pretty much every peg in, the fishing was always going to be a little more difficult than normal but, that said, there wasn't much daylight between the top three finishers on the day.

Finishing top of the field was Simon West, who drew corner peg 6. Concentrating mainly down his edge with maggot, Simon found carp of all shapes and sizes to weigh in 56-09-00.

Second place on the day went to Matt Dawkins from peg 13. Opting to fish most of the match with pellet up in the water, Matt found some quality carp, roach and rudd to weigh in 45-00-00.

Completing the top three on the day was John Baker, who drew peg 5 close to the island.

Offering pellet and worm across tight to the far side margin, John found mainly carp to weigh in 40-15-00.

1st S. West, Peg 6, 56-09-00, Maggot in the margins

2nd M. Dawkins, Peg 13, 45-00-00, Pole & pellet shallow

3rd J. Baker, Peg 5, 40-15-00, Pellet and worm over to the island


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