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Grapes AC, Woodside Pool

Eleven (11) anglers from Grapes AC returned to Woodside after a five year hiatus. Conditions on the day started off ideal with temperatures feeling a touch cooler thanks to some cloud cover and a stiff breeze, which provided a nice ripple. However, it wasn't long before the clouds dissapated and the sun made its presence known with temperatures in excess of twenty degress once again.

The resident carp have yet to spawn, and anglers weights reflected this with many cruising fish clearly having another agenda.

Winner on a tough day was Mark Chard, who drew peg 11. Starting his match fishing long over to the island with maggot, Mark found carp early on before switching to his edges, again with maggot, to take some quality fish. Mark offered 63-10-00 to the scales to confirm victory.

Finishing close behind in second place from neighbouring peg 10 was Simon Allen. Again, Simon found most of his fish on maggot down his edges to weigh in 56-15-00.

Third place on the day was taken by Jim Crocker, who drew peg 3. Fishing double corn short, Jim found some quality carp to weigh in 39-01-00.

1st M. Chard, Peg 11, 63-10-00, Pole & maggot long and in the margins

2nd S. Allen, Peg 10, 56-15-00, Maggot in the margins

3rd J. Crocker, Peg 3, 39-01-00, Pole & corn short


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