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Halesowen Cricket Club, Woodside Pool

Eleven (11) anglers attended this Saturday club match for Halesowen CC on the Woodside pool. Conditions on the day were a little cooler than in recent days with a cool breeze keeping things feeling relatively fresh after a cold start to the day.

Finishing in first place was Terry Foyle from peg 10. Terry caught most of his fish down his edge on pellet and casters to weigh in a modest 24-07-00, but it was enough on what proved to be a strange and difficult day for most.

Finishing close behind in second place was Gary Harris from peg 21. Fishing dead red maggot down his edge, Gary had a difficult day and was beaten up by some very big carp but did manage to tame a few smaller specimens to weigh in 22-05-00.

Third place on the day went to Kieron Willis from peg 1. Starting his match short on pellet then targeting his edges late on with red maggot, Kieron found odd carp and silvers to weigh in 18-08-00.

1st T. Foyle, Peg 10, 24-07-00, Pole & pellet / casters in the margins

2nd G. Harris, Peg 21, 22-05-00, Pole & dead maggot in the margins

3rd K. Willis, Peg 1, 18-08-00, Pole & pellet short / maggot in the margins


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