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Halesowen RBL, Woodside & Island Pools

Twenty five (25) anglers from Halesowen RBL lined the banks of both Woodside and Island pools for this latest Sunday club match. Weights over the last few weeks have been relatively and the fishing difficult so with so many anglers around the pools, sport on the day was not expected to be great. That said, weights picked up a little and there wasn't much separating the top three anglers on the day.

Finishing in first place was Geoff Garish from peg 11 on Woodside pool. Starting on the pellet feeder to the island he enjoyed some early carp but the bites soon dried up. A switch to paste produced two more fish but most of Geoff's catch fell to dead maggot down his edge. Geoff also had a good head of silver fish on caster to help boost his winning weight to 43-00-00.

Finishing in second place was Gary Weaver from peg 14 on the Island pool. Starting his match on the method feeder with 6mm pellet on the hook, Gary found carp tight to the island before a switch down his edge with dead maggot late on produced some better quality fish. Gary offered 39-08-00 to the scales.

Third place on the day went to Martin Yardsley from peg 7. Catching mainly from down his edge, Martin found carp and quality silvers to weigh in a respectable 38-06-00 from a historically difficult area to sneak inside the main frame.

1st G. Garish, Peg 11 (W), 43-00-00, Pellet feeder / Paste & dead maggot in the margins

2nd G. Weaver, Peg 14 (I), 39-08-00, Method feeder / dead maggot in the margins

3rd M. Yardsley, Peg 7 (I), 38-06-00, Maggot in the margins


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