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Open Match, Island Pool

Five (5) anglers attended this Saturday open match held on the in-form Island pool. Conditions on the day started off extremely wet but then held off for the rest of the day with extended periods of sunshine.

Winner on the day was Dan Hart from peg 15. Starting his match fishing long pole over to the island, Dan found fish in numbers up in the water and put together a great catch. Having exhausted his shallow line, Dan then switched to his edge late on with paste to find some bonus fish to boost his final weight to 127-01-00.

Zac Loffman secured second place from peg 18. Like Dan, Zac also fished a large part of his match up in the water offering pellet to catch carp and F1s before looking down his edge late on, again with pellet, to find some better stamp fish. Zac offered 86-00-00 to the scales.

Third place on the day went to Scott Yoxall from peg 19. Starting his match fishing corn over to the pads, Scott found small carp in numbers before coming down his left and right hand edges during the final throws of the match to find better fish. Scott ended proceedings with 30-03-00.

1st D. Hart, Peg 15, 127-01-00, Pole & pellet shallow / Paste in the margins

2nd Z. Loffman, Peg 18, 86-00-00, Pole & pellet shallow / Pellet in the margins

3rd S. Yoxall, Peg 19, 30-03-00, Pole & corn shallow / Corn in the margins


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