Open Match, Woodside Pool

A small turn out saw just a handful of anglers attend this latest Saturday open match on the Woodside pool.

Winner on the day was local man Dave Male from peg 21. Opting to fish pellet and casters down his edge, Dave managed to find decent sized carp to secure the win with 29-09-00, despite losing some big fish along the way.

Second place was taken by Paul Burnett. Paul drew peg 3 and fished dead red maggot down his edge to end the day with 20-04-00 of carp.

Third place went to Steve Walsh from peg 16 with 16-15-00 of small carp and silvers. Steve caught on maggot and pellet short and down his edge late on.

1st D. Male, Peg 21, 29-09-00, Pellet & casters down his edge

2nd P. Burnett, Peg 3, 20-04-00, Dead maggot down his edge

3rd S. Walsh, Peg 16, 16-15-00, Maggot & pellet short / Pellet down his edge


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