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Pearl Lake AC, Island Pool

A small turn out of eight (8) anglers attended this Saturday club match on Island pool for new club Pearl Lake AC. Conditions on the day started off feeling quite cool with plenty of cloud cover also. As the day wore on, there were brief periods of sun, which helped warm things a little.

Winner on the day from peg 27 was Steve Peploe. Opting to 'plop' a small method feeder just down his edge with corn on the hook. Steve found some good quality fish from the off and continued to catch steady throughout the day to weigh in 63-02-00 and continue his fine run of form taking his third consecutive match win and confirming a new personal best match weight in the process .

Dave Hobbis finished in second place from peg 19. Dave started his match by offering soft 6mm pellet on the hook at 9m before looking down his edge late on, again, with soft pellet to find some bonus fish to offer a final 48-14-00 to the scales.

Rounding off the top three finish was Alan Edwards from peg 14. Alan began his match offering pellet over to the island on the long pole before switching to his edge late on in the day to conclude his days efforts with 36-14-00.

1st S. Peploe, Peg 27, 63-02-00, Method feeder

2nd D. Hobbis, Peg 19, 48-14-00, Pole & pellet

3rd A. Edwards, Peg 14, 36-14-00, Pole & pellet


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