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The Bridge AC, Island Pool

Ten (10) anglers from The Bridge AC attended this Sunday contest on the Island pool. A big change in conditions, heavy rain overnight and spawning fish the day before made for a difficult match.

Winner on the day was Steve Millward, who drew peg 13. Fishing the first half of his match on the pellet feeder over to the point of the island, Steve found carp patrolling the far shelf before a look down his inside with corn during the second half of the match produced a better stamp of fish. Steve ended the day with a match-winning 46-11-00.

Second place on the day was awarded to Karl Dobson on neighbouring peg 14. Karl caught most of his fish down the edge on corn to offer 31-05-00 of carp and skimmers to the scales.

Third place was taken by Charlie Dimmock, who drew peg 9. Starting his match fishing maggot short, Charlie managed to keep busy catching roach, rudd, skimmers and perch before a look down his edge late with pellet and corn resulted in some bonus fish. Charlie ended the day with 22-13-00.

1st S. Millward, Peg 13, 46-11-00, Pellet feeder & corn in the margins

2nd K. Dobson, Peg 14, 31-05-00, Corn in the margins

3rd C. Dimmock, Peg 9, 22-13-00, Pole & maggot short and Pellet & corn in the margins


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