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TREK AC, Woodside & Island Pools

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Seventeen (17) anglers from TREK AC lined the banks of both Woodside and Island pools for this latest club match.

Topping the field was Roger Tomes, who drew peg 4 on Woodside pool. Fishing paste down his edge, Roger found carp to 13lb to weigh in an impressive 180-00-00.

Runner up on the day was Scott Sprigg, who drew peg 19 on the opposite bank. Again, most of Scott's fish fell to paste to give him a final weight of 105-08-00.

Finishing a little off the pace and rounding off the top three was Dave Horton from peg 21. Alternating between his left and right hand edges, Dave found mostly carp with a handful of quality silvers to offer 76-05-00 to the scales. Dave caught on paste down to his right and worm over red maggot to his left.

1st Roger Tomes, Peg 4 (W), 180-00-00, Paste in the margins

2nd Scott Sprigg, Peg 19 (W), 105-08-00, Paste in the margins

3rd Dave Horton, Peg 21 (W), 76-05-00, Paste & worm in the margins


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