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Friends of Fishing, Woodside Pool

A small gathering of just eight anglers attended this Saturday match held on in-form Woodside pool. The water has been producing some fantastic fishing of late with this latest contest being no exception.

Winner on the day was Keith Kirwell, who drew corner peg 7 close to the island. Opting to fish pole and pellet shallow at 10m for most of the match, Keith found carp willing to feed in numbers to offer 106-07-00 to the scales and finish nearly 30lbs clear of the rest of the field.

Jason Adshead secured runner-up spot weighing in 78-09-00 of carp, again, all caught up in the water on pellet.

Third place was taken by Paul Adshead, who finished the match with 65-06-00 of carp and F1s offering pellet shallow.

Archie Moore finished in fourth place from peg 5 with a weight of 53-07-00.

1st Keith Kirwell, (peg 7), 106-07-00, Pole & pellet shallow

2nd Jason Adshead, (??), 78-09-00, Pole & pellet shallow

3rd Paul Adshead, (??), 65-06-00, Pole & pellet shallow

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