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Brandhall Conservative Club, Island Pool

Fourteen anglers from Brandhall Conservative Club attended a very cold but bright and sunny morning for this Sunday contest on Island pool. Weights the day before had been poor on account of the conditions with things being very much the same for this latest match.

Winner on the day was Brian Slim from hot spot, peg 26 in-between the two islands. Brian struggled to find the fish for most of day before a switch to corn down his inside late on produced a run of fish to 12.5lbs for a final weigh of 34-00-00.

Finishing runner-up was Dan Withey from peg 10 on the far bank. Again, most of his fish were caught late on in the day to corn and meat hook baits giving Dan 27-08-00.

Aaron Warren secured third place with a 17-08-00 mixed bag to finish just ahead of Neil Darbu, who recorded 17lbs exactly on the pellet feeder to the island.

1st Brian Slim, (peg 26), 34-00-00, Corn in the margins

2nd Dan Whitley, (peg 10), 27-08-00, Corn & meat in the margins

3rd Aaron Warren (??), 17-08-00


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