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Cleobury Angling, Island Pool

Another small turnout of just eight anglers attended this Sunday club match on Island pool. Conditions overnight had been horrendous with high winds and torrential rain the result of a hurricane making it's way across the Atlantic!

Winner on the day was Luke Williams. Opting to fish chopped worm and caster long with worm on the hook, Luke was able to tempt 49-02-00 of carp and silvers to secure a comfortable victory.

Finishing in second place was Dave Jones. Dave also opted to fish chopped worm and caster to end proceedings with 24-09-00.

Finishing close behind in third place was Wade Davies with 24-06-00.

1st Luke Williams, 49-02-00, Chopped worm & caster

2nd Dave Jones, 24-09-00, Chopped worm & caster

3rd Wade Davies, 24-06-00

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