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The Button Oak, Island Pool

Fourteen anglers from The Button Oak lined the bank of Island pool for this Sunday contest.

Winner on the day and topping the field was John Ellis, who drew peg 27. Starting his match fishing soft 6mm hook pellet short at top two plus two, John was into carp early on. Later, switching to his margins, John offered Marukyu JPz's to find some better quality fish to weigh in 88-13-00 for a comfortable win.

Runner-up spot was taken by Ian Pountney from peg 13. Again, Ian offered pellet short at top two plus two to find carp in numbers to weigh in 57lbs exactly.

Finishing close behind in third was Alan Thomason from peg 10. Starting his match fishing pellet short at 8m, Alan then turned to his edge late on with meat to find odd proper carp to offer 51-00-00 to the scales.

Fourth placed on the day was Tony Williams, who found himself on peg 20 close to the island. Tony ended the match with 31-00-00.

1st John Ellis, (peg 27), 88-13-00, Pole & pellet short / Pellet in the margins

2nd Ian Pountney, (peg 13), 57-00-00, Pole & pellet short

3rd Alan Thomason, (peg 10), 51-00-00, Pole & pellet short / Meat in the margins


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