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Weoley Castle, Island Pool

Thirteen anglers from Weoley Castle attended this latest Sunday match on the Island pool. Conditions were still pleasant but noticeably cooler than the previous day. Weights, unfortunately, were still low for the time of year, but there was very little separating the top three anglers.

Topping the field was Paul Handford with 38-08-00. Fishing sweetcorn over a bed of fishery 2mm pellet, Paul caught small carp on and off for the duration of the match, but struggled to get into any sort of rhythm.

Taking second place was Alan Niblett. Alan opted to fish pole and pellet both long and short, alternating between the two lines to keep fish coming to the net as best he could to offer 31-12-00 to the scales at the end of the five hours.

Third place on the day was John Wood with 31-04-00.

1st Paul Handford, 38-08-00, Corn over pellet

2nd Alan Niblett, 31-12-00, Pole & pellet

3rd John Wood, 31-04-00


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