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Private Syndicate, Woodside Pool

Eleven anglers attended this private syndicate booking on Woodside pool.

Securing overall victory from peg 3 on the point of the island was Scott Rhodes. Scott fished the pellet waggler for the duration of the match to end proceedings with a superb 92-08-00 of small carp and F1s.

Second place was taken by Richard Fox on peg 9. Richard caught the majority of his fish from down his edge on corn to weigh in a final 85-09-00.

Martin Stone made the main frame again from unfaniced peg 19 with 58-11-00. Opting to fish the pellet feeder Martin found decent sized carp to finish third.

1st Scott Rhodes, Peg 3, 92-08-00, Pellet waggler

2nd Richard Fox, Peg 9, 85-09-00 Corn in the margins

3rd Martin Stone, Peg 19, 58-11-00, Pellet feeder

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