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Sealine AC, Woodside Pool

Fifteen anglers from Sealine AC attended their latest club contest here at Woodside.

Winner on the day was Gordon Tandy with 44-04-00. Fishing pellet shallow to the island, Gordon found all carp to see off the challenge from Terry Roper (jnr).

Terry secured second place with 37-01-00 of carp. Fishing corn down in his margins, Terry found carp to over 17lbs.

Rounding off a very tight top three was Gary Smith. Starting his match fishing bomb and pellet, Gary later switched to his margins offering pellet to end the day with 36-05-00.

1st Gordon Tandy, 44-04-00, Pole & pellet

2nd Terry Roper (jnr), 37-01-00, Corn in the margins

3rd Gary Smith, 36-05-00, Bomb & pellet / pellet in the margins

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